Image from the New York Times

Image from the New York Times

The flawed logic of a Sunni vs. Shi‘a ‘civil war’

A little article I wrote about the Sunni vs. Shi‘a ‘civil war’ rhetoric that seems to be doing the rounds…

A number of recent documentary films (such as Channel Four’s Aleppo’s Children and PBS’ Syria Undercover) have highlighted the nearly unimaginable horror experienced by those afflicted by the ongoing conflict while the Assad regime fights for its life. But it is not only because of human tragedy that coming to terms with the ‘Arab Spring’ and its fallout, in Syria and elsewhere, is a difficult task. The processes of change that are still in motion are manifold and extraordinarily complex and the nature of emerging political realities remains fluid….

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New Post on ThinkIR: Both Obama and Romney are wrong: obduracy will not work with Iran


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Both parties in the forthcoming US election promise tough sanctions and threaten war against Iran. But even accounting for Tehran’s provocations the US agenda is counter-productive and cruel. The Iranian regime must be allowed to save face if conflict is to be averted.

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Balata Camp nr NablusMearsheimer, Walt and the missing Palestinians

The two famous American realists argue that the US should stop pandering to Israel over Iran and get serious about the peace process. That’s all well and good, but isn’t their analysis missing something? Published on ThinkIR on the 22nd of March, 2012.

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Fayyadism’s end? It is time to return to first principles

It seems like Prime Minister Salam Fayyad’s reform and state-building plans for Palestine have just about run out of steam. Isn’t it time to think again – what’s this fight really all about? Published on ThinkIR 17th January, 2012.


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