Why Jabal an-Nar? Researching Nablus

This is to be published in the forthcoming Bulletin of the Council for British Research in the Levant also available via the CBRL website (September 2012) by Maney Publishing.   

Many thanks to Dr. Carol Palmer, Anan QuzmarAlaa Tartir, Jeremy Wildeman, and Josh Rickard for their feedback and input – and many thanks to my Dad for his superb (and very patient) proofreading (go and read his blog!)

Why Jabal an-Nar? Researching Nablus


This article explains why the politics of the Northern West Bank city of Nablus, long an
historic focal point of Palestinian independence and resistance to foreign rule, is still an
important area for research today. Nablus suffered badly under an Israeli siege for eight
years in the early 2000s but it now represents the front line of the Palestinian Authority’s
neo-liberal ‘state-building’ agenda. The tensions between the city’s strong identity and rising tide of neo-liberalism are a microcosm of broader political dynamics in Palestine and as yet the future remains uncertain.

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