Palestine: the precarious present

The Palestinian Authority is gazing into an abyss, and it is beating people in the streets.

By Anan Quzmar and Phil Leech

Published on openDemocracy 19 July, 2012.

Anan and his brother after the police attacked

While news about Palestine has been dominated in recent days by an Al Jazeera investigation into Yasir Arafat’s death, the mainstream media has largely ignored another more serious series of events. This is that the Palestinian Authority – the regime that has administered several of small enclaves within the Israeli occupied West Bank since Arafat agreed to the Oslo agreements in the 1990s – is teetering at the edge of a political and financial abyss, and that its reaction to these circumstances is the brutal suppression the general population…. Click here to read at openDemocracy.


Review: Farming Freedom for Palestine

Farmland, near the embattled village of Yanoun

Review: Farming Freedom for Palestine  

I strongly recommend reading the latest research paper “Farming Palestine for Freedom ” from al Shabaka, by Alaa Adel Tartir, Rami Zurayk and Samer Abdelnour, which deals with the issue of land in the context of occupied Palestine. This paper brings to light a topic has been, thus far, under-researched but is obviously fundamental to the conflict.

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A bit of a change of pace here. I didn’t get this published in the end, but I really enjoyed writing and struggling with it (and that is far more important when it comes to my efforts to be ‘creative’).


I left one of the parsnips in the ground,
Just a little one.
The leaves had come off and it didn’t want to budge,
So I covered it with dirt and moved on.
Wasn’t thinking about you then
Nor when I grabbed the last of the leeks.

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